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Born Without a Beat: The Journey of a Deaf Raver
Ttulo Original: Born Without a Beat: The Journey of a Deaf Raver
Realização: Oliver Riley-Smith
Distribuição: Palpitation Productions
Data: 2009

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Lenny, a deaf party animal, searches for the perfect beat. Despite her disability, Lenny loves going clubbing, but has always felt out of place in hearing discos. Now she is traveling to Holland to attend her first 'deaf rave', a ground-breaking, multi-sensory music event specially designed for the hard of hearing. By using a vibrating dancefloor, special sign-dancers, and a DJ who mixes aromas, the rave attempts to translate the emotions and feelings behind music to the deaf clubbers. Traveling alone, Lenny must cope with the difficulty of taking a ferry full of grumpy and disconnected passengers in the hope that she can find a place to enjoy the music she has been denied, and the people to share her passion with.


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