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Regardez moi, je vous regarde
Ttulo Original: Regardez moi, je vous regarde
Realização: Brigitte Lemaine
Distribuição: Levent Beskardes
Data: 1999



Regardez-moi, je vous regarde is a black-and-white film from 1996 with sound, in French Sign Language with English subtitles, about Kōji Inoue, a Deaf Japanese photographer. Auto-film is a series of silent, color films made in 2003, in French sign language with French subtitles. The first sequence depicts Beskardes' drawings representing the Seven Deadly Sins. The second section, Essais, is an artistic film in which the camera follows the director around his apartment. The last piece, Rptition d'un pome, shows Beskardes and Fanny Corderoy du Tiers signing a poem in a very dramatic manner.


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