Categoria actual: Suspense
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Dois Tons de Azul
Título Original: Two Shades of Blue
Realização: James D. Deck
Distribuição: Cutting Edge Entertainment
Data: 1999



Susan Price has written a #1 bestseller, a steamy novel about a woman's search for the ultimate sexual experience entitled, The Dark Side of Judith. When Susan is framed for the murder of her fiance, billionare publisher Jack Reynolds, she eludes authorities by changing her identity and becoming the woman she wrote about in her book, Judith Anderson. To find the real killer, Susan goes undercover as a relay operator for the hearing impaired to contact District Attorney Beth McDaniels who is deaf. While relaying intimate phone conversations between Beth and her boyfriend Calvin, Susan discovers her own dark side when she becomes entangled in this voyeuristic world of deceit, intrigue and murder.


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