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Ttulo Original: CinemAbility
Realização: Jenni Gold
Distribuição: Gold Pictures
Data: 2012



From the early days of silent films to present day, from Chaplin to X-Men, disability portrayals are ever changing. This dynamic documentary will take a detailed look at the evolution of "disability" in entertainment. Our in-depth investigation will go behind the scenes to interview Filmmakers, Studio Executives, Film Historians, and Celebrities, as well as utilize vivid clips from Hollywood's most beloved motion pictures, television programs, and commercials to focus attention on the powerful impact that entertainment and the media can have on society. Do disability portrayals in the media impact society or does the media simply reflect our ever-changing attitudes? In this important documentary we will see if media has had a hand in transforming the societal inclusion of the disabled and determine if an enlightened understanding of disability can have a positive impact on the world.


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