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Nathie : no hand-me downs
Ttulo Original: Nathie : no hand-me downs
Realização: Raymond Luczak
Distribuição: Tactile Mind Press
Data: 2004



Nathie Marbury is a legend, and justifiably so. She was born the 16th of 17 children to parents who didn't believe in the importance of education. Ironically, her deafness saved her life and enabled her to earn a bachelor's and two masters' degrees.

In this full-length documentary, Nathie tells stories about her upbringing in Pittsburgh, where she "sang" in the church choir. At the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, her white classmates actually tried to rub off her blackness. When she attended Gallaudet University, she tried out for the football team. She became a mother of two and a grandmother of five, but she didn't really find her identity as a Black Deaf woman until later in her life.

In Nathie: No Hand-Me-Downs, she shares stories and observations, all rich with humor and insights on the human condition. Available for home viewing for the first time are her powerful and majestic American Sign Language poems.


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