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Lexie Cannes
Ttulo Original: Lexie Cannes
Realização: Tom Bertling
Distribuição: LexieCannes.com Productions
Data: 2009

Drama Romance Suspense


Lexie Cannes, a woman who cannot hear, is exposed to a sinister underworld after a series of events that results in her coming face to face to two men stalking her - one with injurious intents, the other with more benevolent motives. In a twist of fate, the confrontations provides Lexie with means to resolve a mystery previously unknown to her. On a personal level, Lexies hostile gender-questioning upbringing makes her seemingly silent world anything but. Lexies romantic relationship derails over acceptance issues while her attempts to befriend a lost soul results in realization that we all are often only a few steps removed from a sinister underworld.


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